vivarium staff member with equipment used for in vivo support at the CRADL facility in Massachusetts
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Charles River to Open Vivarium in San Francisco

Charles River has announced its next Charles River Accelerator and Development Lab (CRADL™) facility. The flexible vivarium space is scheduled to open in South San Francisco, California in early 2020.

Similar to its sister facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts, CRADL™ South San Francisco will provide a turnkey vivarium solution and in vivo support services, allowing clients to invest in research projects without compromising on the quality of workspace or equipment.

Managed by skilled technicians, every research animal model will receive exceptional care in the secure, modern, and regulatory-compliant facility. CRADL™ staff will have the capability to provide services ranging from general husbandry to technical procedures. Standard and specialized equipment will also be available for rental.

Access to technical, veterinary, and in vivo support services are what set Charles River apart from other vivarium outsourcing solutions.

Customized in vivo support services to be offered include:

  • Transgenic Model Generation: Customize, create, and maintain the right animal models using the latest technology. Charles River works with clients to deliver study-ready cohorts to meet their research needs.
  • Rapid Colony Development: Utilizing in vitro fertilization, our rapid colony development program can take a small colony of animals (as few as two males) and generate hundreds or even thousands of animals to establish a breeding colony or perform studies in as little as 12 weeks.
  • Histopathology and Tissue Collection: Charles River’s ACVP board-certified veterinary pathologists can offer custom protocol design and rapid report turnaround, if study protocols require such support.

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