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Collaborating Towards a Cure for COVID-19

Finding effective treatments for COVID-19 is a team effort. It takes collaboration and harmony from many stakeholders to get a therapy in the hands of those who need it quickly.

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This is especially true at Charles River. The pandemic has pushed us to better collaborate with our scientific teams in order to increase our efficiency and further leverage our scientific expertise. Thanks to the impressive work of our scientists, managers, and client support, reporting, and quality assurance teams, we’ve been able to help clients develop new therapeutics and repurpose existing ones to help patients recover from COVID-19 and its related symptoms.

Whether it’s for an IND-enabling program, a toxicology study, or a vaccine development project, our teams have been there every step of the way to accelerate the timelines of our clients and bring therapies to market faster.

Find out what we’ve been able to help our clients achieve, and see how our collaborative approach can help your organization.

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