medically accurate 3d illustration of cancer cells
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New Tumor Model Database

Researchers using Charles River’s Cancer Model Database can now easily identify the most appropriate tumor models for their preclinical programs, leading to more targeted study design from the start, saving substantial time and money on their path to clinic.

A collection of whole exome sequencing, gene expression data based on Affymetrix and RNASeq, and copy number variation data, the compendium includes molecular data for a large proportion of Charles River’s proprietary and commercial cell lines. It includes tumor models from a wide range of tumor subtypes for both in vivo and in vitro oncology research, including patient-derived xenografts (PDX), cell line-derived xenografts (CDX), and mouse syngeneic models.

Seen as the industry standard for early toxicity and patient identification, in vitro oncology is a critical means of testing the efficacy of compounds in a rapid, reliable, and cost-effective way. Simplifying and speeding what can be an otherwise time-consuming process, Charles River’s unique compendium is a valuable resource for oncology researchers as they enter the critical in vitro stages of their work.

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