Charles River offers deeper analytical insight for pharmaceuticals and agrochemical development
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Deeper Insight into Your Study Data

In a world where a delay in your registration program can make the difference between your product being first to market or behind your competitors, it makes sense to meet your analytical needs in a way that ensures your data is as robust and informative as it can be.

In a continued drive for quality and market-leading scientific excellence, Charles River’s Edinburgh facility is excited to announce its investment in a cutting-edge high-resolution LC-MS system.

The new Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Core UHPLC and Exploris 240 hybrid high resolution spectrometer will provide you with experimental flexibility, speed, and resolution, as well as an array of powerful experiments which can be leveraged to deliver detailed structural information and allow the quantification of very low concentration analytes.

After introduction of the sample, the two-dimension capable Vanquish™ Core UHPLC allows rapid online isolation, concentration and separation of peaks from a variety of complex sample types resulting from both metabolism and fate studies. The 2D LC system will also allow bespoke achiral-chiral separations, reducing sample preparation time and costs, while enhancing sample throughput.

This combination of hardware, coupled with the dedicated expertise within the high-resolution mass spectrometry team, will ensure the very best analytical endpoint for your important studies. Get a head start on the competition with access to LC-MS datasets that truly push the boundaries of what is achievable using mass spectrometry for agrochemical and pharmaceutical product development.

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Image courtesy of ThermoFisher