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On-Demand Study Support Coming Your Way

With the rapid growth of the South San Francisco research community, Insourcing SolutionsSM is launching an On-Demand Study Technician service offering. We understand that the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are consistently looking for ways to do more with less without impacting the critical quality of their programs. This model does just that. Clients now have access to on-demand study tech support in any therapeutic area (e.g., oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular), which increases the level of flexibility required in times of study surge, providing supplemental support while ensuring the highest quality technical expertise to meet your needs. In addition to basic study support, you can also leverage the On-Demand Study Technician for specific skills including dosing (e.g., IV, IP, SQ, PO), tumor inoculation and measurement, and necropsy and tissue dissection – with more coming online in the future.

Charles River will work with you to identify your needs, establish what is required, and adhere to all of your policies, procedures, occupational health requirements, and biosecurity to ensure compliance. Booking is simplified through a smartphone app to block increments of time. The On-Demand Study Technician is validated by Charles River for all techniques and procedures.

To learn more about On-Demand Study Technician services, contact us at [email protected].