Accelerating drug discovery with AI-enabled Design
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Empowering Drug Hunters with AI-Enabled Design

Valence Discovery platform accelerates preclinical drug discovery

Challenging and atypical targets, limited data, and exploration of chemical space can add months, or even years, to drug discovery programs. Our partnership with Valence Discovery allows drug hunters to avoid many of these delays by employing artificial intelligence (AI) and computational chemistry and blending these approaches with their own cerebral drug knowledge during early drug discovery for a faster, smoother path to the clinic.

Valence has pioneered the application of few-shot learning in drug design, a way of training predictive models when only small amounts of training data are available, overcoming a critical limitation of existing machine learning technologies in drug discovery. The Valence Discovery platform aids the design of small molecule drug candidates in novel regions of chemical space, followed by rapid optimization against project-specific potency, selectivity, ADMET, and pharmacology criteria.

Accelerate hit-to-lead and lead optimization using the Valence Discovery platform

Through the collaboration, Charles River clients will have the option to access Valence’s platform to support their drug discovery efforts, both stand-alone or by application of their current Charles River drug program. When taking advantage of this option, clients can expect increased diversity in chemical matter being investigated, in combination with more rapid optimization against complex, project-specific design criteria, ultimately reducing timelines and improving success rates for drug discovery projects.

When partnering with Charles River to pursue AI-enabled drug discovery, clients can expect shorter timelines and the highest quality drug candidate molecule. Our experienced scientists and partners collaborate with clients to optimize all phases including early hit identification, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, patent strategy, and preparation for IND filing.

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