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Enhance Your Viral Safety Testing with NGS

In a strategic partnership, European genomics expert, PathoQuest SAS, has chosen our Wayne, Pennsylvania facility as the location for its US subsidiary.

The expansion will bring next generation sequencing (NGS) capabilities to clients in North America as part of a fully integrated, reliable, and more convenient solution for rapid viral safety testing of biologic drugs and vaccines. The Wayne site has supported the development of biologics and advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs) like cellular and gene therapies since 2018, with state-of-the-art laboratories for cell line characterization, viral safety, and viral clearance.

With an established customer base in the US, PathoQuest's new lab in Pennsylvania will offer easier access to additional capabilities, including genetic characterization of cell lines and highly sensitive in vitro identification of adventitious agents. Together, the services create a rapid, comprehensive approach to testing and quality control that accelerates development timelines without compromising product safety or efficacy.

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"We're excited to welcome our PathoQuest colleagues to the site. Their genomics expertise and NGS testing capabilities will further enhance our ability to serve biopharmaceutical organizations facing tight timelines," says David Russell, Site Director, Biologics Testing Solutions.

Fueled by Charles River's capital investment, construction of the GMP-compliant laboratories is set to begin this winter, with the plan to begin running NGS studies by the end of 2021.