Expanded 3D In Vitro Screening for Cancer Therapeutics
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Expanded 3D In Vitro Screening for Cancer Therapeutics

Successful drug discovery depends on making the right decisions at the right time. This is especially true when searching for effective cancer drugs and immunotherapies, when early predictive data paves the way for testing in more costly PDX and humanized in vivo models. That’s why we’ve partnered with Cypre, creators of this new proprietary 3D tumor modeling platform.

This strategic alliance further enhances our comprehensive PDX and cell-based screening capabilities to interrogate the tumor microenvironment (TME) with access to a unique 3D system that recreates the infiltration of immune cells into the TME. You now have another option for identifying therapeutics that overcome cancer immunotherapy and targeted therapy resistance.

3D Tumor Modeling Assays

Using Cypre’s proprietary Symphony® and VersaGel® 3D hydrogel patterning technology, the assays model the TME in a way that cannot be achieved in 3D matrix-free spheroids or first-generation matrix cultures like basement membrane extract (BME) or collagen I. These assays effectively recapitulate the immune infiltration through the stroma that is seen in the physiological TME prior to tumor killing, delivering translationally relevant data that drives decisions.

Designed for high-content analysis in standard 96-well plates, the assays allow you to predict a candidate’s efficacy against a panel of PDX-variant tumors, helping to guide selection of downstream PDX in vivo models. This platform delivers additional insight into the TME with the advantage of unprecedented clarity, speed, and correlation to the PDX in vivo outcome, giving you the confidence to advance your lead candidates to preclinical studies.

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Leverage the Cancer Model Database

When combined with Charles River’s broad collection of tumor models and subtypes, the platform is a fast, powerful tool for making decisions. Our partnership with Cypre offers another approach for high-throughput screening of multiple therapeutic modalities, either alone or together with our genomically annotated and in vivo characterized tumor model database of more than 700 tumor models. The database’s PDX, cell lines, and cell line-derived xenografts have been extensively profiled for histological features, molecular data, and sensitivity to standard-of-care compounds, allowing a precise selection of suitable tumor models for preclinical anti-cancer agent testing. PDX models retain the histological and genetic characteristics of the donor tumor and preserve cell-autonomous heterogeneity, further augment the translational relevance of the Cypre platform.

Fueling Your Oncology Discoveries

From guiding model selection to designing and executing the optimal cadence of testing, our team of oncology experts has played a significant role in the discovery and delivery of novel cancer drugs, contributing to the development of 91% of the FDA-approved therapies in 2019 and delivering 62 patents. The partnership with Cypre represents our commitment to your success. Charles River’s Corporate Executive Vice President of Discovery Services, Birgit Girshik, explains, “Immunotherapy is a complex, yet promising area of development in cancer treatment. Cypre’s platform enables the ideal tumor culturing conditions for assaying various immunotherapies and provides robust, reproducible data sets without compromising throughput. By broadening our 3D in vitro services with this collaboration, we can provide our clients with a complete integrated tumor model service platform.”

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