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Expansion of Biologics Storage and Testing Capacity

In an effort to meet the growing demands of the biologics industry, we're continuing to expand with multiple site openings in both North America and Europe. With this expansion comes the growth in capacity and capabilities for stability storage and testing among other core competencies from cell banking, microbiology, and microbial identification solutions through to impurity, potency, biosafety, and viral clearance services. Charles River’s biologics-based clients, including those working on vaccines, cell and gene therapies, and biosimilars, can benefit from the latest stability storage and testing updates including:

  • Approximately 12,500 cubic feet of stability storage for short and long-term studies
  • LN2 cryogenic freezers
    • 17 40K dewars and 5 dewars at various sizes
    • capacity and setup to scale-up to add an additional 20 40k dewars as needed
  • Broad range of ICH compliant and custom/customizable walk-in and reach-in storage conditions:
    • 25 ˚C / 60% RH
    • 30 ˚C / 65% RH
    • 40 ˚C / 75% RH
    • 30 ˚C
    • 5 ˚C
    • -20 ˚C
    • -70 ˚C
  • Comprehensive package of analytical and microbiological testing for biologics including method development/feasibility and phase-appropriate validation
  • Robust CGMP quality systems and infrastructure designed for risk mitigation across our North American and European sites

To inquire about our stability storage and testing services and learn more about these offerings, contact us at [email protected].