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Extending Biomarker Sensitivity with the Quanterix Simoa HD-1

96 well plate

Improving detection limits of endogenous biomarkers is an ongoing need in drug discovery and development, particularly when programs are constrained by low-abundance proteins, monitoring of markers down-regulated upon therapeutic intervention, and limited sample volume. With continuous improvement of established antibody- and instrument-based methods, such as MSD, Luminex, PCR, and LC-MS/MS, emerging platforms can provide new solutions for the bioanalytical laboratory.

The Quanterix Simoa (single molecule array) is an automated, antibody-based “digital ELISA” technology with the capability to detect single bead-immunocomplex binding events, providing potential for 1000x sensitivity gains (femtomolar LOD) relative to established commercial methods. The sensitivity gains of the Quanterix Simoa provide an option to monitor low-concentration circulating and peripheral target biomarkers where other bioanalytical methods are insufficient. The Quanterix Simoa provides quantitative dynamic ranges and precision (%CV) competitive with other antibody-based platforms, as well as the option for multiplexing.

In addition to a suite of “off the shelf” assays, such as PSA, NF-Light, and Tau, the Quanterix platform accommodates the development and validation of customized assay methods, often a critical need for pharmaceutical and biotechnology research programs pursuing novel targets and mechanisms, particularly where drug targets reside in sequestered tissues such as the CNS or solid tumors.

If you require improved detection limits for your quantitative large-molecule biomarker program, the Quanterix Simoa may provide a differentiated solution. Please contact Charles River for details on our Quanterix capabilities and other biomarker solutions.