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Find Efficiencies While Retaining Visibility

As pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies look to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, they are beginning to evaluate strategic sourcing initiatives, including closer collaboration with contractors and increased externalization of their testing programs. Moving to a complete outsourcing model, however, may not be an option due to laboratories, equipment and licenses already in place. The Charles River RightSource program allows you to take stock of your available resources and determine whether insourcing, outsourcing or a combination of both options is right for you.

Whether starting from scratch or re-badging existing staff, we work with companies to evaluate their testing programs by reviewing their current structure and selecting the best suited and most affordable mix of options. Charles River has been working with companies this way for over 20 years; our staff of over 800 employees in six countries is integrated into our clients’ facilities, taking care of day-to-day tasks and helping them to focus on core competencies.

Through the program, a RightSource team leader will be assigned and will be responsible for coordinating the initial consultation with your stakeholders to evaluate the best options for outsourcing or insourcing to meet your needs. After consultation, a written benefit and cost proposal will be provided to your leadership team for review and comment. Stakeholders from your company and Charles River will then meet in order to tailor the proposal further to fit your needs. Upon implementation, a dedicated program manager, working on-site or off, will be assigned to oversee all insourcing and outsourcing activities, including testing that may be outsourced to a third-party vendor.

Our goal is to provide you with complete visibility around your QC testing program including ongoing review and presentation of key performance indicators. This metrics-based evaluation of processes will lead to increased performance, quality, service and compliance as your program moves forward. Charles River works to ensure that our employees are as committed and dedicated to your programs as if they were our own. To learn more about RightSource or schedule a consultation contact Charles River at [email protected].