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Growing in the Netherlands


To accommodate the support required for an increasing number of studies and better meet the timelines of our clients, we have recently expanded both our animal and laboratory facilities at our AAALAC-accredited preclinical site in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, located just 60 miles south of Amsterdam.

In addition to two extra rodent rooms which came into use in July, the physicochemical and storage stability scientists, as well as the formulation analysts and bioanalytical staff, are all benefiting from an additional 250 square meters of space, which includes laboratories, temperature controlled storage areas and offices. The laboratories have been purpose built for physicochemical and stability testing, and their new location nearly doubles their previous space.

The facility has a wide client base through its broad portfolio of studies, which includes both in vitro and in vivo toxicology, DART and juvenile toxicology, and the full range of endocrine disruptor studies. The staff of 270 scientists provide registration and regulatory affairs support for global notifications and registrations of chemicals, biocides, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals, including all REACH testing.