Houston flooding
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Houston Relief Efforts

On August 26, Hurricane Harvey made its way through Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. The Category 4 hurricane unloaded up to 50 inches of water in parts of the region, setting records for rainfall from a tropical cyclone in the contiguous United States along the way. Most expect the repair and recovery costs to range into the billions of dollars, taking years for the region to be made whole again.

As a global organization that includes a facility in Houston, the Charles River family was personally affected by the impact of Harvey. Several employees, although uninjured, suffered significant losses that include homes and other property. The rest of Charles River remains in contact with those in Houston to continually assess the best way we can render aid. Most sites across the US have held or are planning fundraisers such as raffles and penny drives, and some are even sending volunteers to support relief efforts.

Despite the personal toll Harvey may have had, the employees of the Houston site demonstrated perseverance and dedication, being able to activate the facility’s business continuity plan. As such, the facility was able to remain operational during the storm, keeping all animals residing there safe and cared for.

Charles River encourages those who can to donate to the American Red Cross. Donations will go toward shelter, food, comfort, and emergency support to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.