immunoglobulins, which are Y-shaped proteins produced by the immune system to fight viruses, bacteria, and other chemicals
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Immunology Expansion in Central Europe

Immunology is an incredibly exciting and broad area of science that intersects multiple therapeutic areas; advancing our understanding of basic immunology with research techniques, such as flow cytometry and antibody technology, is critically important in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical and biotechnology compounds.

Building on its strong immunology group in Edinburgh, UK, Charles River has now expanded its immunology testing services to Central Europe in Lyon, France. The expansion adds to the 200+ global scientific and technical staff who conduct both in vitro and in vivo immunological assessments to investigate a drug’s potential impact on the immune system. The services in Lyon include immunophenotyping by flow cytometry, large molecule bioanalysis, and biomarker assessments. With the addition of highly experienced staff along with multiple analyzers that include BD LSRFortessa™ X20 flow cytometers, Luminex® technology, and Meso Scale Sector® S600s, we can help you better understand the mechanisms behind functional endpoints and evaluate the effects of test compounds.

Our ability to perform complex immunophenotyping panels in a fast, efficient, and harmonized process across Charles River’s facilities offers you consistent, reliable data around the globe. Immunophenotyping protocols and panels are available for blood or tissues across multiple species. The breadth and experience of our scientists can help you determine which antibodies and cell types to use for your program.

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