technician working with mini pigs
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Improved Flexibility in Lyon

As part of a continuing program of investment, we are delighted to announce that 13 rooms at our Lyon facility have been redeveloped to permit flexible use. This exciting change allows us to accommodate different toxicology species within a single building, respectful of interspecies compatibility and segregation.

We can now offer flexible accommodation in our Safety Pharmacology unit for several large animal species, including minipig, and our rodent unit can now also accommodate rabbits.

In planning the redevelopment, we leveraged the expert knowledge of our technical staff to ensure compliance with animal welfare criteria for each species and maintain an optimized working environment for our technicians. Each room complies with EU legislation, and we provide species-specific enrichment as part of our welfare program. Both AAALAC auditors and the French Regulatory Inspectors for animal welfare have provided positive feedback on these new rooms, and they have also been welcomed by clients who appreciate the improved flexibility in their study scheduling.