high-throughput screening technology
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Looking for a Needle in a Haystack?

High-throughput screening (HTS) is an efficient means to rapidly identify promising compounds in early drug discovery. HTS assay studies using 384-well plates can result in thousands of data points each day, so finding quality hits can be daunting.

HTS success relies on the technology, the knowledge base of scientists, and incredibly large compound libraries to evaluate against. Effective, powerful screening library platforms will have over 850,000 unique chemical compounds, including target-directed compound libraries. Screening collections should have a robust solubility profile, structural diversity, and lead-likeness.

The unpredictability of science has the potential to derail a screen, so scientific expertise plays a large role in successful HTS screens. With thousands of data points a day, expert oversight and timely communication is critical. When the right people are informed of the unexpected as soon as it occurs, the necessary adjustments can be made to optimize the study and stay on track.

Watch this webinar before initiating an HTS screen to ensure success