medicinal chemists drawing chemical structure
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Medicinal Chemists are Today’s Collaborators

Medicinal chemistry has evolved into a highly interdisciplinary field, enhanced by the collaborative efforts of experts from a wide spectrum of specialties. Today’s medicinal chemists must think innovatively, be more versatile, and be knowledgeable not only in their own field of expertise but a range of other disciplines to help move programs forward in the drug discovery process as well.

Charles River scientists are ready to apply their expertise and experience to your program and help discover the next generation of life-changing medicines. Watch the video to see our amazing chemists at work.

Recently, Chris Hurley, PhD, Director of Chemistry at Charles River, was selected as a leader in the MedChemNet community to encourage collaboration in this ever changing field. MedChemNet is a dynamic network that provides a communal space where industry, academia, consultants, and contract research professionals can come together to discuss the latest research and developments, share thoughts and opinions, and build valuable international relationships.

Scientists at Charles River have the unique ability to harness knowledge across disciplines and therapeutic areas from around the globe. This has enabled them to identify 76 preclinical candidates and be named co-inventor on over 330 patents for our partners in the past 17 years. Collaboration and innovation with our partners is further reflected in over 150 publications.