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Model Order Support: North America

We understand that clients affected by the COVID-19 outbreak may need to make changes to their orders. We’re here to help make your updates as easy as possible. Please know that we are ready to assist in any way; all five of our production facilities are fully operational and shipping.

Canadian-US Border Notice: Please note that ordering and deliveries are not impacted by the recent temporary border closings.

Procedures to Avoid Cancellation and Change Fees

Standard or Regular Rodent Orders: Contact your Customer Service team to inform us of your cancellation at least one business day prior to the scheduled shipment date.

US East | US West | Canada

Surgical Services: Contact your Customer Service team to inform us of your cancellation at least five business days (ten for guinea pigs) prior to the scheduled ship date for most orders. NOTE: There will be no advance-timing cancellation fees associated with: rabbit orders, timed pregnant animals, value-added services, or surgical and biospecimen services.

US East | US West | Canada

Genetically Engineered Models and Services (GEMS) Projects: If colony goals need to be adjusted (e.g., animal/sample shipping schedule, production targets) or if new projects will be delayed or canceled, please contact your designated Project Manager as soon as you are aware of the required changes.

Health Monitoring: Please contact [email protected] to cancel upcoming health monitoring of live animals as soon as you know they will not be shipped; there is no charge for services that are not performed. NOTE: Expedited sample testing is available for no additional fee.

Seeking staffing assistance? If you have a lot on your plate right now, know that we are here to provide additional assistance if needed. Our Insourcing Solutions℠ team can help you manage any facility, procurement, or research issues you might be having.