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Simply, Yes.

The safety of your drugs and devices is critical, especially when it could affect the musculoskeletal system. Using an integrated approach to your drug or device programs allows for a comprehensive evaluation of bone, muscle, and cartilage drug efficacy and safety.

When planning your IND-enabling programs, there are some compounds that can alter the musculoskeletal system in patients. In order to meet all the milestones in your drug development plan, considering all aspects of how your product could affect some specific organs, like the musculoskeletal system, and communicating with experts will help to avoid any potential snags down the road.

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Over the last five years, our experts have conducted over 250 studies with musculoskeletal endpoints, including comprehensive scans for assessment. In 2019, we conducted 8,580 pQCT scans, both in vivo and ex vivo, and 1,257 micro-CT scans.

Even though we’re not able to gain scientific insight through in-person conferences, our scientific experts have complied a list of musculoskeletal and bone toxicology publications, posters/abstracts, and presentations to keep you informed.

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Aurore Varela, DVM, MSc, DABT
Director, Musculoskeletal Research & Imaging

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Martin Guillot, DVM, MSc, PhD
Principal Research Scientist, Musculoskeletal Research