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New Sample Collection Materials Available Through LTM™

More studies are now being published that conclude that certain rodent infectious agents are not readily detected by sentinel animals exposed to soiled bedding. To overcome this flawed method, Charles River collaborated with key industry leaders in animal health surveillance to pioneer an alternative screening method called Exhaust Air Dust testing, or EAD®.

And now, through expanded partnerships with Allentown Inc., and Tecniplast, two industry leaders in research animal housing, Charles River offers complimentary Sentinel™EAD® and Interceptor sample collection media for the health surveillance of animals housed on either Allentown or Tecniplast individually ventilated cage (IVC) rack systems respectively. Both are available through LTM™ to all Charles River customers.

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Alternative Health Monitoring on Other Caging Systems

EAD® PCR has been qualified to be used on various sample types such as fecal pellets or swabs in addition to integrated sample collection media such as the Techniplast Interceptor and Allentown Sentinel™EAD®. Charles River offers both sentinel-free and hybrid testing program options that can be used on the various types of animal rack systems used in a laboratory animal vivarium. If you would like to speak to one of our diagnostic experts on how to implement an alternative health monitoring program that fits your facility, contact us at 1.877.CRIVER1 (1.877.274.8371) or email us at [email protected] to schedule a consultation.