image representing the shipment of biological and chemical material around the world
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New Logistics Services for a Smoother Shipment Process

How confident are you in shipping your materials?

Charles River Laboratory Sciences now has a global Specialist Logistics Services (SLS) team designed to make it easier for you to do business with our sites around the world and ensure your samples arrive safely to their destination.

Navigating the rules and regulations for the movement of biological and chemical material can be challenging enough, even before considering:

  • Cold chain needs
  • Document production
  • Route design
  • Freight forwarder/courier/integrator management
  • Compliance with transport hazard classification

The SLS team directly supports clients by handling the entire shipment design process and taking care of any necessary arrangements for the physical movement of the commodity from origin to destination, resulting in expedited analysis of material at the destination location(s).

As a customer you can be as involved as you wish with decisions relating to the shipment design process, working with an SLS employee dedicated to helping ensure a smooth experience. In cases where a Charles River location is the destination, an SLS representative will work directly with the primary investigator at the site to ensure that they are fully aware of the incoming shipment and are ready to begin work as soon as possible upon receipt.

The service can help you every step of the way when it comes to logistics/shipping related decision points as products develop though discovery, into clinical trials, and ultimately commercialization. Packaging type, route method/selection, and documentation requirements are a few examples of factors that need to be evaluated and then reconsidered carefully as materials move through this process.

The SLS service is designed to be quick, efficient, and considerate of all aspects of international trade compliance. Whether you’re a virtual biotech new to the world of shipping within the industry, a seasoned company looking for hands-on advice and an extension to your team, or a large multinational organization looking to improve your supply chain efficiencies, SLS has you covered.

Please contact Sebastian Tomlin at [email protected] to learn more.