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New Zebrafish PDX (ZTX™) Models Allow You to Track Metastasis In Vivo

Mouse-PDX models are currently the gold standard in oncology drug development. Nevertheless, they are less well suited for evaluating metastatic risk. As metastasis is a major cause of disease-associated mortality and no drugs that target metastasis exist today, there is considerable need to develop new drugs able to impair metastatic dissemination.

Zebrafish PDX (ZTX™) models complement mouse PDX models by allowing us to evaluate drug responses in a nonrodent in vivo system with the turnaround time and scalability of an in vitro platform. In a collaborative study with Bioreperia, our scientists report evidence of the accuracy of the ZTX™ models in predicting anti-tumor responses to commonly used drugs in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) compared to mouse PDX models and demonstrate that ZTX™ models provide a sensitive method for determining metastatic risk and the anti-metastatic efficacy of NSCLC-relevant drugs. Ask our experts about ZTX(TM) models at AACR or contact us for more information.


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