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Optimizing Genetic Toxicology Operations with Cyto Study Manager

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Charles River Laboratories has selected Cyto Study Manager to streamline our genetic toxicology study workflows into one web-based system that can be securely accessed from anywhere. Cyto Study Manager, originally developed by Perceptive Instruments and now part of the Instem solutions portfolio, integrates experiment design, sample coding and decoding, data acquisition/review/approval, reporting/statistics, auditing/user control and archiving/historical data into a single intuitive system that greatly improves efficiencies while ensuring data integrity during genetic toxicology studies.

Cyto Study Manager’s powerful features allow our team to increase our efficiency to better serve clients. Rapid and flexible, the system allows for comet, micronucleus, and chromosome aberration assays to be run both in vitro and in vivo, either alone or combined within the same experiment. The system is free from experimental bias; it manages the entire slide preparation, coding, and scoring process without the need for data transcription and translocation, making it easy to review and group information, slides, and even individual slide spots where multispot slides are used. The system’s customization features also make it possible to create templates for frequently used study designs or experiments, saving time and preventing transcription errors. The Cyto Study Manager also manages batches of test items or control substances, allowing us to trace every chemical used in a given study back to a specific batch.

We are pleased to bring this validated, GLP- and 21-CFR-compliant system on board to optimize our study management capabilities and benefit our clients.