Iba1 MPO CD3 IF Pig Spleen
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Optimizing IHC Staining Through Automation

Charles River utilizes Roche Diagnostics Ventana Discovery Ultra Autostainer instruments at several of its safety assessment sites, spanning the US, Canada, and Europe. These instruments are the industry standard for immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), and in situ hybridization (ISH) automation, enhancing our IHC/ISH capabilities through increased speed, efficiency, and reproducibility to meet your non-GLP and GLP study needs.

The Discovery Ultra instruments have individual slide drawers, allowing up to 30 unique protocols to be run at one time, speeding up timelines for method development and optimization. Pre-diluted reagents and a closed system greatly reduce staining errors and result in unparalleled reproducibility and consistency between staining runs. Once an antibody protocol has been optimized, it is saved in the system and can even be transferred between Charles River sites. We continue to grow our library of hundreds of optimized staining protocols for a wide range of markers in various species.

In addition to typical single chromogenic IHC, our labs can perform dual chromogenic staining as well as multiplex IF stains. Staining for multiple markers via IF allows for efficient evaluation of several proteins on one slide as well as interactions between multiple proteins within the same cell population. Our Discovery Ultra instruments are also utilized for chromogenic and fluorescent ISH, which detects RNA/DNA in tissue, useful for the evaluation of germline transmission for gene therapies.

IHC/IF and ISH are valuable quantitative pathology tools that provide visual evidence and quantification of the distribution and locations of specific proteins, RNA, and DNA within tissue. Despite the benefits these autostainers bring to a study or program, IHC can be complex to perform. It is important to choose a partner who has vast experience and deep scientific knowledge of this technique to avoid compromised study designs and delayed timelines.