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Partnership with Distributed Bio Enables End-to-End Platform for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery & Development

Charles River is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Distributed Bio, a global leader in computational design and optimization of fully human antibody libraries. With this partnership, Charles River’s customers are able to utilize Distributed Bio’s unmatched and highly differentiated SuperHuman 2.0 antibody library, a revolutionary antibody discovery platform comprised of billions of antibodies reflecting unprecedented levels of sequence diversity and immunoengineering fitness.

Distributed Bio’s SuperHuman 2.0 platform is a library of human antibodies that is 100 times more diverse than any previously generated, enabling: 1.) a greater number of hits with cross-species coverage and 2.) improved developability profiles with respect to thermostability, aggregation potential, and immunogenicity using scaffolds based on prior Phase 1 success. The SuperHuman platform offers a substantial speed advantage due to improved chance of successful hit finding plus reduced optimization requirements – disrupting the discovery process to as little as 2-3 months. Distributed Bio’s computational immunology prowess can also enable super-fast optimization of existing client antibodies generated though more conventional means.

Bringing the SuperHuman platform together with Charles Rivers extensive capabilities in disease biology, pharmacology, biodistribution, safety, and late stage antibody candidate and manufacturing support will create a unique end-to-end platform for therapeutic antibody discovery and development. 

“As technology advances, constant innovation is hugely important to us as well as our customers,” says Birgit Girshick, corporate executive vice president of discovery and safety assessment management at Charles River. “We have selected Distributed Bio as our strategic partner to ensure that our capabilities in this space are truly next generation. Many of our customers who have large-molecule programs will now be able to use Distributed Bio’s impactful technology to discover new antibodies as well as proceed seamlessly from hit to clinical candidate much faster than they have in the past.”

“Charles River is a leading contract research organization, and their discovery team can help us deliver a more comprehensive research experience. This is a benefit to both our customers as well as Charles Rivers’ clients and an exciting use of our revolutionary antibody library platform,” says Jake Glanville, PhD, founding partner and chief science officer of Distributed Bio. “We are eager to see the ongoing impact of this important milestone in drug discovery’s history.”

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