A Charles River employee in a mask.
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Reflecting on 2020

People in our industry are no strangers to obstacles; drug and chemical development is fraught with challenge, and even the best laid plans can encounter difficulty. It is in this climate that researchers flourish, and COVID is no exception. In fact, the virus-imposed restrictions inspired our community to adapt, connect, and innovate in ways we never had before. United by a common enemy, we mobilized our collective resources to keep research moving forward.

A Significant Accomplishment

It is truly remarkable to see the progress our industry has made in the past year, despite the pandemic. Numerous vaccine candidates – several in clinical trials, two poised for approval – and treatment for COVID-related illness have made headlines, but these are just one aspect of a larger success story.

At labs around the world, research and development continued—critical research on life-saving treatments for rare disease and cancer, plant protection products, medical devices, and more. In addition to 47 novel therapies approved by the FDA, promising candidates reached clinical trials for debilitating conditions like ALS, muscular dystrophy, and Angelman syndrome.

We All Have a Role to Play

Research continued because of your commitment to the patients and people who depend on you, and because of the countless Charles River employees dedicated to helping you reach your goals. As this eventful year draws to a close, we thank them for their tireless efforts, and you for the trust you’ve placed in our organization. We are proud to have played a role in connecting our community with shared educational resources, and sustaining and advancing your programs.

We will perhaps remember 2020 as one filled with unthinkable hardships – illness, isolation, uncertainty – but it is important to remember our triumphs. As a key contributor to victories big and small, we’d like to express our appreciation to you, celebrate our achievements, and prepare for an even better 2021.

What can we accomplish next?