Representation of antibody discovery against the hardest targets, including GPCRs, Ion Channels, pMHC complexes, anti-HIV bnAbs, allosteric modulators, mouse/human cross-reactive epitopes, anti-idiotypics, and bi-epitopics ideal for IgGs, CAR-Ts, bi-specifics, ADCs, and nanobody applications.
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Revolutionary Antibody Library Empowers Drug Discovery

Cosmic Antibody Library Offers Exclusive Hits Against the Hardest Targets

Featuring a stunning 100 billion human antibodies – as many as there are stars in the galaxy – Distributed Bio’s Cosmic Antibody Library™ is changing the face of antibody discovery. The new tool builds upon the success of the company’s SuperHuman 2.0 library, rapidly and reliably delivering hits against even the most difficult biologic targets. Cosmic’s vast collection of human antibodies has been engineered for the highest diversity, thermostability, and non-immunogenicity, empowering drug hunters with unique, exclusive, druggable hits. Consult a specialist.

Drug the Hardest Targets

Cosmic delivers therapeutic leads against the hardest targets, including GPCRs, ion channels, pMHC complexes, anti-HIV bnAbs, allosteric modulators, mouse/human cross-reactive epitopes, anti-idiotypics, and bi-epitopics. Leads are perfect for IgGs, CAR-Ts, bi-specifics, ADCs, and nanobody applications.

Develop the Best Drugs

The Cosmic Antibody Library has been computationally designed to integrate the best therapeutic properties into every molecule, and pressure-tested during construction to weed out any inferior diversity. Cosmic uses antibodies that look entirely human by design and includes antibodies with no mutations in the frameworks. This phage display antibody library includes only frameworks with dominant alleles found in all human populations and CDR diversity that contains only the variations that the human body can produce. The result is a library of potent, high expressing, thermostable, non-immunogenic, aggregation-resistant, soluble and safe therapeutic leads.

Get Your Drug on the Market Faster

By combining the most comprehensive library of antibodies possible with an optimized high-throughput sequencing technique, clients will receive 50 truly unique scFv, CAR-T, light chain chain, or VHH nanobody leads with a wide range of affinities in under 10 weeks. Reformatting to IgGs, bi-specifics and ADCs can occur in under nine weeks. Multi-parameter lead optimization, often not even needed, can be completed in under 12 weeks. This means our clients are testing antibodies in mice while competitors are still immunizing them.

Ensure Successful Drug Commercialization

Charles River’s partnership with Distributed Bio offers a distinct advantage to our discovery clients. Not available to licensees, the Cosmic Antibody Library is protected by a gatekeeping process. This guarantees our clients’ exclusive ownership of the molecules that Cosmic delivers.

End-to-End Biologics Platform

Committed to helping clients reach their goals, Charles River is proud to offer a unique end-to-end solution for therapeutic antibody development. The partnership with Distributed Bio gives our clients a jumpstart on the road to market with exclusive antibody discovery. From there, they enjoy a seamless journey to IND and beyond, ushered through development by Charles River’s proven in vivo pharmacology, in vitro biology, toxicology, safety, and biologics testing experts. Taking this integrated approach to development, our clients have realized substantial savings in time and money in the race to get their therapeutic antibodies to patients in need.

For a customized consultation and to learn more about the antibody library and discovery timelines, costs, data delivery and more, request a consultation.