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On the Road to Developing a Variant-Proof COVID-19 Vaccine

Scancell, a developer of novel immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease, is working with Cobra Biologics, a Charles River Company, on its COVID-19 vaccine to protect against variants.

The company recently announced the publication of preclinical data on two vaccine candidates and subsequently received approval to initiate a Phase 1 clinical trial, COVIDITY. These cutting-edge vaccines will target the nucleocapsid (N) protein and the key receptor binding domain of the spike (S) protein to generate both T cell responses and antibodies. This innovative approach has the potential to provide sustainable immunity by offering protection not only against one strain, but also against potential new strains.

A Phase 1 study is set to launch in H2 2021, initially in South Africa, and then in the UK. Cobra will play a crucial role in manufacturing GMP grade plasmids for the DNA vaccine. Cobra’s extensive track record in scaling up production of DNA for its customers made them the optimal choice for manufacturing quality material for COVIDITY.

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