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SoloVPE: Decreasing Sample Volume Requirements While Increasing Accuracy

Charles River's facility in Edinburgh has recently completed instrument and software qualification activities to add variable pathlength UV-visible spectroscopy to the techniques available in our GMP quality control laboratories. C Technologies’ SoloVPE instrument allows the generation of absorbance versus pathlength plots and the determination of sample concentration without the need for sample dilution or background correction, increasing the speed and accuracy of the determination. Sample volume requirements are also significantly reduced, adding benefit for low-volume, high-value analytical samples.

This technique is gathering wide support in our clients’ laboratories and cannot be replicated on standard UV-visible spectrometers. By using the SoloVPE instrument, we can now ensure smooth transfer of existing SoloVPE methods to our laboratories as well as adapt standard methods to the new instrumentation in order to conserve sample volume and improve accuracy. Identical instrumentation and software will be available shortly in our analytical laboratories in Shrewsbury, MA, and Ballina, Ireland, as part of our continuing expansion of these facilities to provide the same testing services in the United Kingdom, United States, and the post-Brexit European Union.