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Solving Karuna Therapeutics’ Toughest Development Challenges

On a quest to treat and cure the most debilitating CNS diseases, Karuna Therapeutics wondered if a single partner could deliver the discovery insight, neuroscience expertise, and end-to-end development support they needed. The team at Charles River said simply, yes.

Karuna, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to developing novel therapies with the potential to transform the lives of people with disabling and potentially fatal neuropsychiatric disorders and pain, recently opened a new office to accommodate its continued commitment to drug discovery efforts. Choosing the right partner to support their drive would be a critical factor in their ability to reach their goals.

Sharing the same mission as Karuna, Charles River has purposely built a deep portfolio of CNS capabilities, enriched with deep expertise and cutting-edge technologies. The only organization of its kind to combine dedicated CNS discovery support with integrated lead candidate development and safety programs, Charles River offered Karuna a unique proposition. “Both Karuna and Charles River have assembled an unparalleled team of experienced ‘drug hunters’ with the potential to discover the next generation of novel CNS therapeutics,” said Steve Paul, M.D., chief executive officer, president, and chairman of Karuna.

In a new strategic collaboration, the two organizations aim to build Karuna’s pipeline of candidates that target key neurotransmitter receptors for the treatment of disabling and debilitating CNS disorders through highly differentiated pharmacology. In addition to Charles River’s team of leading neuroscience experts, Karuna has access to its world-class hit discovery and expansion services, medicinal chemistry, CNS disease-specific in vivo pharmacology models, PK/PD and translational imaging. As they move further into development, single-source neurotoxicity, laboratory support, safety evaluations, and studies that lead to IND are ready to move Karuna’s candidates seamlessly to the clinic.

To date, Karuna has employed state-of-the-art chemical screening, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization strategies, with the plan to leverage Charles River’s end-to-end drug discovery and safety assessment platform to facilitate the selection of optimized drug candidates to advance into clinic.

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