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Supporting Biomolecular Interaction Studies with the New Biacore T200

The new Biacore T200 allows our biophysical division the ability to not only support discovery and validation of new product leads but also support overall biopharmaceutical characterization, comparability studies, biosimilarity assessment, and product quality control.

The Biacore T200 is a biosensor system based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) that allows for label-free analysis of bimolecular interactions. The characterization of such interactions is essential to the understanding of the biological function and the mode of action of many biologics. This newly acquired system provides superb sensitivity, making it possible to analyze the biomolecular interactions of complex structures such as viruses and eukaryotic cells. In some cases, SPR analysis can also be used as a quality control approach in place of more complex assays such as cell-based bioassay.

The Biacore T200 yields high-quality kinetic and affinity data with high specificity and selectivity making it very useful for a number of application areas, including:

  • Comparability among drug substance and drug product lots to either ensure consistency of production or establish biosimilarity
  • Screening of binding molecules/biomolecules and ranking of binding affinity
  • Detection of anti-drug antibodies in immunogenicity studies
  • Epitope mapping for monoclonal antibodies
  • Determining binding kinetics by measuring on and off binding rates
  • Measuring interacting concentrations in test samples

The system efficiently delivers high-quality information, whether it is for the characterization of single interaction molecules, focused screening of hundreds of samples, or comparability assessment of biotherapeutics.

If you have any inquiry for a binding kinetics study or another need for your biologic you can contact us at [email protected].