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Three Ways to Conquer Pain

Pain and other human physiological processes are due to ion channel activity within the body. Pain stimuli activate peripheral neurons through transducer ion channels that in turn activate sodium channels resulting in action potentials that transmit the signal to the central nervous system.

There is often an enormous amount of work centered on ion channel screening and drug development to learn more about neurological pain. Ion channel screening has evolved greatly over the years. Older techniques were not only slower to yield results for research teams but produced inferior data sets. Because of advancing technology however, scientists are enabled to do their important work faster.

Here are the top three ways scientists are using ion channel screening to conquer neurological pain:

  1. Use automated electrophysiological technology to get data faster. Electrophysiological screening methods offer shortened study times because data can be generated at a high throughput, often at thousands of data points per day.
  2. Use equipment that yields better data. Comprehensive, accurate information simplifies and shortens the cascade of identifying, making, and testing hit compounds. The new equipment yields quality data that has not been achievable before.
  3. Work with the right team and technologies to bring safer drugs to market. Ion channel modulation can present risks in disruption of normal CNS function and potential therapeutic liabilities. This risk can be limited by securing the right expertise and equipment to help researchers quickly identify unintended interference.

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