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Transgenic RasH2 Mouse Carcinogenicity Studies Now Available in Lyon

We value the use of alternative models as part of our Replace, Refine, and Reduce (3Rs) strategy for animal welfare, and so does the scientific community. As such, we are pleased to now offer RasH2* mice at our Lyon, France, facility. These mice have increased sensitivity to developing carcinogen-induced tumors, and by using this mouse strain instead of conventional ones, reductions can be made in both timelines and the number of animals required. The study duration can be shortened to 26 weeks instead of 18-24 months, and the number of animals is reduced to 25 animals per sex per group instead of 60+. The replacement of standard 18-month mouse carcinogenicity studies with transgenic 26-week studies has gained much interest and popularity recently, and this alternative approach is proposed to be added in the current ICH S1 carcinogenicity testing guideline revision.

With more than 20 studies already performed at our North American sites, Charles River Laboratories has developed strong technical and scientific expertise in this area, including robust historical control databases. In our constant effort to shape our future according to our clients’ needs, and to offer a European location for rasH2 studies, we have launched rasH2 activities at our Lyon site. Currently, 3 carcinogenicity packages have been initiated, with 2 preliminary 5/28-day studies in rasH2 wild-type mice already completed.

Please contact us to discuss how this model can be incorporated into your carcinogenicity testing program.

*RasH2 is a Taconic Transgenic Model™.