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Using Automated Endotoxin Testing to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your analysts may have running traditional LAL testing down to an art, but is that really the best use of their time? Considering the amount of preparation time needed and that retest rates of traditional methods range from 5-10% on a good day, the answer is inarguably “no.”

If they’re responsible for performing multiple endotoxin tests daily at up to 90 minutes a test (including preparation time), retests can become all-consuming, keeping those highly skilled technicians away from other priorities. To complicate matters further, traditional testing methods are subjective, varying between technicians. This means that even those retests have a 5-10% chance of being invalid.

What if your facility had a system that could reduce testing time to as little as 12 minutes from preparation to results, deliver retest rates below 5% while handling up to 60 tests per run? The Endosafe® Nexus™ is an objective, automated platform for high volume endotoxin testing. Now, analysts can spend less time on preparing, testing, and retesting, and focus on more essential priorities.