Building Expansion in Cologne
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Viral Clearance Portfolio Expansion

Increasing Capacity and Capabilities to Address Growing Demand

With the continued growth of the biologics industry, spurred on by the Coronavirus pandemic, the need for increased viral testing capacity has increased to the point that many vendors cannot meet their clients’ needs. To that end, we are excited to announce the expansion of our Viral Clearance facilities and capabilities in Cologne, Germany, and Wayne, Pennsylvania.


Expanding Footprint and Capacity at Cologne, Germany

Viral Clearance Lab in Cologne Germany In response to this increasing demand, we are in the process of expanding our laboratory, and in addition, restructuring the already existing Cologne facility to optimize use and workflow.

The large-scale project launched last year and includes an 1,770 square feet (164m2) extension of the laboratory space with two independent client suites (one already up and running, the second soon to follow in Q3), both fully equipped for use of high safety level procedures, with an attached sample processing lab.


Adding HIV Support in Wayne, Pennsylvania

In addition to the expansion of our Viral Clearance services supported at our Cologne site, we recently added to our existing Viral Clearance lab space, for studies requiring the use of HIV in our Wayne facility. The site includes 800 square feet of space, and features two independent gowning areas. The new lab enables blood product studies to take place fully in the US, without sending the HIV work to the Cologne facility. Studies performed in the new lab will be performed by dedicated experts equipped to handle HIV projects.

If you have questions about the facility or would like to learn more about available viral clearance studies, please contact us.

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