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Life science is complicated, but its mission is simple – to create a safer, healthier future. This podcast tells the stories behind the science from the perspective of patients, scientists, employees, and advocates that have felt its impact.

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Every third week of the month we explore the stories behind the science. 


Season 2

Illustration of a vaccine attacking a virus.

Episode 02:

A Formidable Defense Against Infectious Diseases

Dr. Christina Satterwhite delves into the immune system and how vaccines target harmful pathogens.
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illustration of Jenner administering the first vaccine.

Episode 01:

Infectious Disease and The Rise of Vaccines

Dr. Sarah Gould explains how infectious disease spurred the discovery, and subsequent evolution, of vaccines.
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Season 1

The Vital Science podcast episode 10 logo is a photo of the Cheevers family.

Episode 10:
Two in the Same

Two sisters share their experience with clinical trials for cystic fibrosis.
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The Vital Science podcast episode 09 logo is a photo of Isabelle speaking about her illness.

Episode 09:
New Lease on Life

A dual role in medical device gives hope to one unique patient.
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The Vital Science podcast episode 08 logo is a photo of Jake Glanville, CEO of Distributed Bio.

Episode 08:
Leading the Way

Jake Glanville talks leadership and the COVID-19 fight.
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The Vital Science podcast episode 07 logo is a photo of a smiling Jaci with a herd of angus cows.

Episode 07:
Uncommon Bond

Twins are forever connected in their fight against a rare disease.
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The Vital Science podcast episode 06 logo is a picture of co-founder's, Josh and Justin, standing together.

Episode 06:
Humble Beginnings

Two students, a dorm room, and a “crazy idea” to help patients.
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Allysent Berent standing at podium with a picture of her daughter in the background.

Episode 05:
An Angel's Determination

A personal transformation from veterinarian to rare disease advocate.
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The Vital Science podcast episode 04 logo depicts Gina Mullane and Carina Peritor walking down a hallway.

Episode 04:
Turning Point

How an unexpected challenge changed one employee's career path forever.
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The Vital Science podcast episode 03 is a microscopic image of a mold spore.

Episode 03:
A Toxigenic Situation

A microbiologist affected by mold fights for children’s health in South Carolina.
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The Vital Science podcast episode 02 is an image of Mila sitting on Julia's lap, meeting with Dr. Yu in his office.

Episode 02:
The Pathway

Mila’s story for customized medicine paves the way for other children.
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The Vital Science podcast episode 01 is an image of Julia Vitarello kissing her daughter Mila on the cheeck, as both smile.

Episode 01:
Being The First

From diagnosis to experimental genetic treatment, this is Mila's story.
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The Vital Science podcast episode 00 logo depicts a graphic rendering of a sound wave with a blue to pink gradient.

Episode 00:
This is Vital Science

Join us as we explore the motivation and personal connection to the life sciences.
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Headshot of Gina Mullane, host of Vital Science.
Gina Mullane, Host

I studied microbiology and found my job here at Charles River right after college in The Boston Globe, back when you could find a job in the newspaper. Starting in our diagnostics lab, I quickly realized I wanted to get into the business end of science. I've held many different jobs here – from product management, to sales, and finally Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. Every day I wake up excited to learn about what's new in our business and how we're helping others.

Headshot of Chris Garcia, host of Vital Science
Chris Garcia, Host

I've been here for 15 years, starting in sales and moving to sales management. Now I'm the Director of Global Sales Operations. Graduating with a B.S. in Biology, I worked in the pathology and surgery department at the University of Illinois-Chicago, then Charles River reached out to me and my life took quite a turn. I’m captivated by the leaps and bounds that are being made to improve human health.

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