The Vital Science podcast episode 02 is an image of Mila sitting on Julia's lap, meeting with Dr. Yu in his office

Episode 02: The Pathway

About this Episode

Mila’s groundbreaking treatment, the first created and approved for a single patient, has given hope to thousands of rare-disease patients around the world. Hear Julia Vitarello, Mila’s Mom, and Dr. Timothy Yu discuss their plans to help other children with rare disease.

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In partnership with Mila’s Miracle Foundation, we are on a mission to bring this new treatment path to children fighting rare diseases. An anonymous donor will match up to $150,000 in donations to help with this fight, and Charles River has already donated $50,000 to get the campaign started.

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Hosted by: Gina Mullane and Chris Garcia
Produced by: Meaghan Root and Ryan Stevenson
Sound and Music by: Ryan Stevenson

Special thanks to: Julia Vitarello, Dr. Timothy Yu, and Boston Children’s Hospital.

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