Allyson Berent standing at podium with a picture of her daughter in the background

Episode 05: An Angel's Determination

About this Episode

There are certain moments when life takes on a whole new meaning. For Allyson Berent, her daughter’s diagnosis with a rare genetic disorder gave her a purpose – to embark on the quest for a cure. Hear her remarkable journey from a veterinarian to the COO of GeneTx Biotherapeutics, and how partnering with Ultragenyx pharmaceutical fuels her determination to cure Angelman Syndrome.


Visit FAST (Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics)


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Hosted by: Gina Mullane
Produced by: Meaghan Root, Ryan Stevenson, and Laura Robinson
Sound and Music by: Ryan Stevenson and Laura Robinson

Special thanks to: Dr. Allyson Berent

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