Photo of a smiling Jaci with a herd of angus cows

Episode 07: Uncommon Bond


About this Episode

Twins share many unique bonds, and for Jaci and Alex, fighting the same rare disease is one of them. Hear this emotional tale through the perspectives of their mom, Lori, and their uncle, Mike, about how they have battled their illness, knowing the risks, and helped to develop a new treatment for this rare form of ALS.  

To learn more about Jaci’s story, please visit Cowgirl Up for Jaci: Roping in a CURE for ALS. For more information about ALS, please visit Project ALS.


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Hosted by: Chris Garcia
Produced by: Meaghan Root, Ryan Stevenson, and Laura Robinson
Sound and Music by: Ryan Stevenson
Photo by: Harvest Moon Photography

Special thanks to: Lori Hermstad and Mike Hadden
In memoriam: Jaci Hermstad and Alex Hermstad

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