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S2, E05: Get the Series Recap: Vaccines


About this Episode

Get your four-part dose of vaccine…information, that is. In this brief recap, Vital Science™ hosts Gina Mullane and Chris Garcia chat about the content of our first several Season 2 episodes – a miniseries covering infectious disease and immunity, origins of vaccination, therapeutic development and regulation, and the scientific community’s recent accomplishments in the fight against COVID.


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Beyond the Podcast

Season 1 of Vital Science™ shared numerous compelling stories, like that of the Hermstad twins and their battle with ALS (Episode 7, An Uncommon Bond). Sadly, Jaci passed away shortly after her podcast aired, but the fight continues as clinicians, advocates, and drug developers continue to work in her honor. As Chris mentions in the recap, if you’re interested in the next chapter of her story, you won’t want to miss a free virtual event with our special guests Ben Stiller and Project ALS:

The Hermstad Legacy: Advances in Treatment for ALS
A Rare Disease Trailblazer Event
Thursday, February 4 | 11 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



Hosted by: Gina Mullane and Chris Garcia

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