Laboratory scientist prepares samples for download to High-performance Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry
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When the Drug Development Landscape Changes, So Do We

The increase in the discovery and development of complex or combination molecules, biologicsvaccines, and other innovative therapies, including cell and gene therapies, and antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) is pushing demand for both challenging platforms and highly customized assays. In this evolving landscape, contract research organizations are an invaluable resource to drug hunters of every size and pursuit.

When your therapies demand more sophisticated analytical, bioanalytical, and immunology support, the labs at Charles River are ready. Our continued investments and expansion at sites around the globe guarantee the flexible capacity, technology, and scientific expertise to deliver the data you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. Drive your program with the knowledge borne of decades of experience. Having worked with countless molecules and modalities, our team can execute even the most challenging assays and develop custom solutions as your novel therapy requires.

Enhanced Capacity and Capabilities, by Site

  • Edinburgh, United Kingdom*
    • One of the organization’s flagship laboratories
    • New space created to support bioanalytical chemistry, immunology and molecular biology
    • New technology: fully validated Lumos High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Gyrolab®

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  • Lyon, France*
    • New formulations, analytical chemistry and immunology spaces
    • New technology: five laser flow cytometers (18-colors) to support immunotoxicology and immunopharmacology
    • Increased capacity of the ligand binding assay laboratory, to include additional staff and new technology platforms, such as Gyrolab®

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  • Schaijk, the Netherlands
    • Three new areas added to GLP bioanalytical laboratory to support additional method development and validation and sample preparation
    • Six LC/MS, 18 additional scientists/analysts, and essential lab equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, fume hoods, etc.
  • Montreal, Canada*
    • 400% growth in biomarker and immunotoxicology laboratories to support an increase in flow cytometry capacity
    • New technology platforms: Erenna® Singulex/SMCx™ Pro, Quanterix™ and Gyrolab®
    • Custom-built labs to facilitate ergonomic, efficient workflow for additional personnel
    • 30% increase in staff

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  • Reno, Nevada*
    • Doubled capacity of flow cytometry, laboratory automation, cell culture, and sample management laboratories to support comprehensive analysis of the immune system
    • Systems enable identification of various cell populations and deep interrogation of an immune response elicited from novel therapeutics
    • New technology: Erenna® Singulex/SMCx™ Pro and Gyrolab®

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  • Shrewsbury and Worcester, Massachusetts
    • The industry’s second largest SCIEX mass spectrometry lab, with over 40 instruments under one roof, for the support of non-GLP bioanalysis
    • Part of a global bioanalytical system of >240 mass spectrometers supporting large and small molecule analyses for both non-GLP and GLP nonclinical and clinical programs
    • GLP bioanalytical laboratory in the Charles River Massachusetts Shrewsbury facility supports a smooth transition to method development and validation guidelines for IND-enabling studies and clinical trials

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* At-a-glance sheets and/or videos about these sites are available through The Source℠.

Harmonized across disciplines for rapid, seamless data delivery, our laboratories are equipped with the latest platforms and equipment. Skilled staff are prepared to address your unique requirements, suggest optimal approaches, and collaborate for maximum efficiency. Collectively, the enhancements offer you the distinct advantages greater flexibility in scheduling, faster study starts, and more resources to meet your critical program milestones.

“We are committed to the continued expansion of our state-of-the-art analytical capabilities to support increased demand for our services in both nonclinical safety assessment and clinical bioanalytical and biomarkers,” said Rob Stachlewitz, PhD, DABT, Corporate Vice President, Global Laboratory Sciences at Charles River. “In addition to greatly increasing and modernizing our laboratory spaces, we are aggressively adding scientific expertise and new technologies to better serve our clients discovery and development needs.”