Histopathology slide of a healed minipig dermal wound.
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Wound Healing Studies Now Available in Europe

Full-thickness wound healing studies in the minipig represent a model for the evaluation of compounds intended for topical administration on wounded skin. The minipig is considered the best model for wound healing studies since it shares anatomical similarities with human skin. The minipig also resembles humans in terms of healing based mainly on skin re-epithelialization rather than skin contraction.

Following the completion of a feasibility study at our facility in Lyon, we can perform studies with a wound diameter of up to 20 mm.

Aerial photo of the Lyon, France facility.

Nonclinical & Clinical Safety in Europe

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Wound healing is evaluated throughout the study at each dressing occasion by measuring the residual wound area and by detailed macroscopic observation adapted from the Bates-Jensen Wound Assessment Tool used in the clinic (presence and characterization of exudate, and/or necrotic loss, filling of the wound bed by granulation tissue, epithelialization, signs of inflammation, and overall healing rate).

Calibrated photomacrographs for automated morphometric measurement of the residual wound area can be made for each dressing change occasion. The study is completed when most of the wounds are fully epithelialized. A qualitative and semi-quantitative histopathologic analysis allows for evaluation of the local tissue effects and healing performance of the tested dressing material, in comparison with a negative control and/or a predicate dressing.

Histopathology slide of a healed minipig dermal wound with descriptors.

In addition to this wound model, a model of compromised skin was successfully developed in the adult and juvenile minipigs. Based on the tape stripping method and coupled with skin permeability measurements, this model allows for drug testing in the context of an altered skin.

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