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Is Your Staff's Training Up to Date?

Blended learning instruction is key to developing a sound training foundation for every employee. We understand all companies need a training program in order to remain compliant with regulatory requirements, and we also know from our clients that to develop and manage one takes more time and resources than they would have expected.

Training programs can be hard to develop due to the range of backgrounds, experiences, skills, and abilities of your workforce. So how do you know if you have an effective training program? Effective training programs should improve team cohesiveness, promote cross-training and broadening of skills to ensure program continuity in the absence of other team members, enhance and develop innate skills/strengths in individuals, reduce complacency in task responsibilities and therefore lower risk, and foster a sense of professionalism and personal pride in the services performed while on the job.

Partnering with Charles River can help you develop a comprehensive training program for your employees and ensure their competency in technical requirements for the research programs they support. We can help customize your current training program or get a new one off the ground, allowing you to reallocate your resources to core competencies. Our training foundation is built on current best practices in adult learning theory, behavioral-based blended training techniques, and instructional systems design methodology. Successfully applied to current contracts nationwide, our training programs support the following areas:

  • Training Program Needs Assessment
  • Documentation and Recordkeeping
  • New Employee Orientation (On-Boarding)
  • Job/Technical Competency/Proficiency (Certification)
  • Occupational Health/Workplace Safety (Regulatory)
  • Personal & Professional Development

We offer both online and hands-on learning opportunities. Our online system, Charles River Campus, houses many different trainings from hands-on rodent training to virtual exam preparatory classes which can be combined into customized, comprehensive programs.

If you have questions or would like to learn about the training options Charles River offers, you can contact us at [email protected].