Medicinal Chemistry Webinars and Resources

The 2020 American Chemical Society Medicinal Chemistry Annual Meeting was canceled due to the coronavirus, but David Clark's presentation is still available. See below for the "Virtual Screening: Personal Reflections and Future Directions" webinar presentation and other medicinal chemistry resources.

For anyone considering a virtual screening approach for hit finding, this webinar will answer some important questions.
Charles River offers webinar titled Virtual screening: Personal Reflections and Future Directions

Webinar: Virtual screening: Personal Reflections and Future Directions

Learn how to effectively handle three important aspects of virtual screening approaches, and avoid pitfalls. After watching this webinar, you'll be able to achieve improved scoring and binding affinity prediction; more reliable ligand preparation; and better handling of protein flexibility, water molecules, and metal ions.

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Charles River offers webinar titled “Physicochemical Profiling of Powders for Inhalation” to present how to determine physicochemical properties of powder test items can reduce aerosol generattion variability and lead to more consistence in doses administered.

Designing a Drug for COVID-19: Considerations for Inhaled Therapeutics to Treat Respiratory Diseases

The lungs are the primary organ affected by COVID-19 and effective respiratory therapies are urgently needed to treat patients suffering from the disease. There are many advantages to delivering a therapeutic directly to the lungs, but designing a drug for inhaled delivery is tricky. Watch this presentation to learn more about designing drugs for inhaled delivery.

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