Medicinal Chemistry Webinars and Resources

Expert, experienced drug hunters agree that medicinal chemistry can reduce your drug discovery time. During the compound design and compound synthesis, chemists can influence potency, stability, selectivity, bioavailability, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, safety, tolerability and patentability. Learn more about our chemistry services by watching these webinars and other medicinal chemistry resources.

For anyone considering a virtual screening approach for hit finding, this webinar will answer some important questions.

illustration of chimeric antigen receptor

Webinar: Chemical CRISPR: A Targeted Protein Degradation Success Story

In this webinar, biology and chemistry leads for the CHDI HDAC4 inhibitor project will share how they successfully handled multiple difficult and atypical targets with a “chemical CRISPR” protein degradation approach.

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Group of smiling chemists standing in a laboratory with their arms crossed and looking at the camera.

Webinar: When Biology and Chemistry Collide: A Formula for HTS Success

Join a chemist and a biologist as they work together and teach you how to build a comprehensive screening cascade to ensure translation and HTS success in this webinar.

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3D rendering of neuron cortex

Webinar: A Molecular Journey to Investigate Memory Enhancement

Through a case study of ONO-8590580, you’ll discover strategies to take a metabolically unstable hit compound through lead optimization, improving functional selectivity, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME), pharmacokinetics (PK) and brain receptor occupancy along the way.

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Charles River offers webinar titled Virtual screening: Personal Reflections and Future Directions

Webinar: Virtual screening: Personal Reflections and Future Directions

Learn how to effectively handle three important aspects of virtual screening approaches, and avoid pitfalls. After watching this webinar, you'll be able to achieve improved scoring and binding affinity prediction; more reliable ligand preparation; and better handling of protein flexibility, water molecules, and metal ions.

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Charles River offers webinar titled “Physicochemical Profiling of Powders for Inhalation” to present how to determine physicochemical properties of powder test items can reduce aerosol generattion variability and lead to more consistence in doses administered.

Webinar: Designing a Drug for COVID-19: Considerations for Inhaled Therapeutics to Treat Respiratory Diseases

The lungs are the primary organ affected by COVID-19 and effective respiratory therapies are urgently needed to treat patients suffering from the disease. There are many advantages to delivering a therapeutic directly to the lungs, but designing a drug for inhaled delivery is tricky. Watch this presentation to learn more about designing drugs for inhaled delivery.

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