National Microbiological Identification Network (NMIN)

In an effort to ensure gold standard microbial identification services are cost effective and widely available to a number of strategic (but non-exclusive) laboratory agents have been established throughout major cities and regional areas to develop a National Microbiological Identification Network (NMIN) across Australia.

Who Can Become a Member?

Membership is open to all suitably accredited laboratories who the network considers to be an accredited laboratory.

As a minimum standard and condition of membership, member laboratories will be required to maintain third party accreditation (TGA/NATA) relevant to biological accreditation. Laboratories and staff of agents must be in the opinion of the majority of all NMIN directors, to be professional (being a Member of the Australian Society of Microbiology), and have available facilities, equipment, and staff suitable to the nature of organisms they are dealing with.In the absence of suitable third part accreditation or licensing, facilities and equipment are to be viewed by at least one director of NMIN.

Advantages of Being a Member

  • Pricing – Significant pricing incentives are available to members.
  • Services – Members have access to state-of-the-art genomic services.
  • Promotion – Members are part of a highly skilled and valued network group contributing microbial resources to Australian industry, health, and science.

Membership Conditions 

All members will be subject to a range of conditions, including for on sellers (contract laboratories) a requirement to provide to their customers at all times the NMIN identification report or make reference to the specific report and NMIN as the service provider. 

Network membership will not be exclusive; however membership is limited to laboratories prepared and in a position to promote values of the network.

All members will be required to act and operate professionally relevant to the rules membership rules of the ASM.

Members will be required to forward all routine samples (except by arrangement) directly to Microgenetix.