JAX™ Mice from Charles River Europe

The Jackson Laboratory and Charles River, Inc. have a cooperative agreement to provide local supplies of JAX™ Mice to biomedical researchers in many European and Asian countries.

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Used by researchers around the world, JAX™ Mice are the most frequently cited strains in biomedical research publications and are supported by world-renowned scientific and technical staff. JAX™ Mice are produced according to the highest standards of animal health and genetic quality. Charles River provides researchers in Europe and Asia with expedited access to over 9,000 JAX™ Mice strains and hundreds of new mouse models each year. JAX™ Mice strains include commonly used inbred strains as well as thousands of specialised disease models and genetically engineered strains.

JAX logoThrough a cooperative agreement, Charles River serves as the exclusive, authorised, commercial distributor, and breeder of JAX™ Mice strains in the countries listed below:

Albania Austria Belgium
Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia
Czech Republic Denmark Finland
France Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy
Japan Korea Luxembourg
Macedonia Montenegro Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Serbia Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland
Taiwan United Kingdom  

Only JAX™ Mice strains bred by Charles River in Europe and Japan are equivalent in genetic quality to those bred by The Jackson Laboratory. Charles River breeds JAX™ Mice in strict adherence to The Jackson Laboratory’s breeding protocols and genetic quality control guidelines. These protocols provide the following benefits:

  • • Minimise naturally occurring genetic drift by systematically re-infusing breeding colonies with pedigreed mice from The Jackson Laboratory
  • • Assure genetic quality through routine use of state-of-the-art genetic quality monitoring methods such as SNP analysis

Under these conditions, JAX™ Mice strains bred by Charles River are equivalent in genetic quality to those bred by The Jackson Laboratory and provide the genetic integrity and stable phenotypes needed to support research excellence.

The following JAX™ Mice strains are bred by Charles River in Europe. If you do not find the model you need in the list below, please see the information about importing JAX™ Mice strains.

JAX™ ApoE Mice

Ideal for: Cardiovascular research (atherosclerosis, heart abnormalities, hypercholesterolemiam hypertriglyceridemia, vascular defects)
Bred In: Italy and the UK


Ideal for: Uses include hybrid vigor, as a background for deleterious mutations, to create or enhance expression of polygenic diseases, to determine the mode of inheritance, and to provide physiological buffering (present a broader array of responses to various stresses).
Bred In: France

JAX™ B6D2F1/J Mice

Ideal for: Safety and efficacy testing, transgenic/knockout model development, transplantation research, behavioral research
Bred In: France


Ideal for: Oncology, immunology, inflammation, autoimmunity, neurobiology
Bred In: France

JAX™ BALB/c Nude Mice

Ideal for: Tumor biology and xenograft research
Bred In: France

JAX™ C3H/HeOuJ Mice

Ideal for: Safety and efficacy testing, oncology, neurological disorders, retinal degeneration
Bred In: Germany

JAX™ C57BL/6J Mice

Ideal for: General multipurpose model, diet-induced obesity, transgenic/knockout model development, safety and efficacy testing, immunology
Bred In: France, Germany, UK


Ideal for: General purpose strain, diet-induced atherosclerosis, autoimmunity research, internal/organ research, metabolism research
Bred In: France

JAX™ DBA/1J Mice

Ideal for: Rheumatoid arthritis model, diet-induced atherosclerosis
Bred In: UK

JAX™ DBA/2J Mice

Ideal for: Safety and efficacy testing, immunology, audiogenic seizures, glaucoma research
Bred In: France

JAX™ db/db Mice

Ideal for: Diabetes and obesity research, wound healing
Bred In: Italy


Ideal for: Type 1 diabetes research
Bred In: Italy


Ideal for: Tumor biology and xenograft research
Bred In: France


Ideal for: Cancer research, immunology, inflammation and autoimmunity research, hematological research, internal/organ research
Bred In: UK


Ideal for: Oncology, immunology, virology research, xenograft/transplant host - (outstanding utility in the studies of islet transplantation, hematopoietic stem cells and cancer stem cells)
Bred In: France, UK

JAX™ ob/ob Mice

Ideal for: Obesity research, wound healing
Bred In: Italy


Ideal for: Immunology, retinal degeneration, transgenic/knockout model development
Bred In: Germany

“J” Substrains Differ from Authentic JAX™ Mice Strains due to Genetic Drift

Over the years, organisations around the world have been maintaining colonies of mouse substrains with JAX™ Mice ancestry (“J” substrains). These ”J” substrains differ from JAX™ Mice strains due to the genetic mutations that spontaneously occur and accumulate in mouse breeding colonies over time.

Due to naturally occurring genetic drift, a mouse strain will diverge into a genetically distinct substrain if its breeding colony is separated from the parental breeding colony for more than 20 generations of breeding (i.e., 10 generations in the parent colony plus the 10 that simultaneously pass in the sub-colony*). This divergence can occur within only a few years. Genetic differences between a parental strain and a substrain accumulate with time and at a rate dependent upon the level of quality control at the facilities housing and breeding the mice. These genetic differences often result in phenotype differences between a parental strain and a substrain. Such differences confound interpretation of experimental results, especially when comparing results to published research using JAX™ Mice strains.

IMPORTANT NOTE: JAX™ Mice strains bred by Charles River are authentic JAX™ Mice and are NOT genetically drifted “J” substrains.

* For more information on mouse nomenclature and substrain divergence, click here.

Patented Genetic Stability ProgrammeGSP logo

The JAX™ patented Genetic Stability Programme (GSP)** effectively prevents cumulative genetic drift, including that caused by copy number variation, in the most popular strains of JAX™ Mice. The GSP programme effectively limits cumulative genetic drift by refreshing The Jackson Laboratory’s foundation stocks with cryopreserved pedigree embryos or gametes approximately every five generations. The programme was initiated in 2003.

The Jackson Laboratory’s unique, patented GSP has several components: 1) an extensive supply of cryopreserved stock for each strain; 2) isolated foundation colonies, maintained by inbreeding for only five generations before refreshing with cryo-recovered stock; 3) large, independent expansion and production colonies fed directly from pedigreed colonies for distribution through The Jackson Laboratory and through Charles River in Europe and Japan. Importantly, the generations between the cryopreserved stocks and mice produced for distribution are kept to a minimum to prevent the accumulation of mutations that result in genetic drift. For more information, visit www.jax.org/gsp.

** The Jackson Laboratory’s innovative Genetic Stability Program is covered by 2010 US Patent 7,592,501 and 2012 US patent 8,110,721.

Research Services using JAX™ mice bred by Charles River

Charles River breeding facilities located in Europe also serve as The Jackson Laboratory's exclusive commercial provider of breeding and housing solutions, as well as research services using JAX™ mice bred by Charles River.

Our unique approach to project management using ICM™ and our proven track record of breeding mice with all types of genetic alterations, including knockout, transgenic, knockin, knockdown, inducible and conditional models, means you can be confident that Charles River is the reliable, responsive research partner you need to keep your projects moving forward.

Other research services offered by Charles River include:

  • • Assisted reproductive services for laboratory mice and rats
  • • Cryopreservation and cryorecovery
  • • Industry-leading health monitoring programs
  • • Complete genotyping profiling capabilities
  • • Custom biospecimen collection and provision
  • • Dedicated supply
  • • DIO (diet-induced obesity) studies
  • • Expert surgeries

Importing JAX™ Mice Strains

Charles River offers importation of JAX™ Mice for a variety of research applications and therapeutic areas of interest. You can search for JAX™ Mice by strain, stock number, keyword, gene, allele, or synonym on The Jackson Laboratory website.

We are also pleased to assist customers with their search for a specific JAX™ mouse strain. Once you select a strain of interest, we can furnish you with an import price quotation, including details of availability. Charles River will take charge of all importation steps. Please contact us to request a JAX™ Mice order form.

Are you looking for more information? Download our new eGuide, “JAX™ Mice: Importing Specialised Strains through Charles River Europe.” The eGuide includes information on the importation process, tips on finding appropriate JAX™ Mice, availability and expected lead times, and options such as ordering cryopreserved repository strains as embryos to save time.

NEW: Starting in 2018, we are now able to offer importation of several additional lines of JAX™ Mice for humanisation, immuno-oncology, immunology, and infectious disease studies. 

Note: Charles River will not be responsible for any damages arising during the importation process whilst the mice are in the care of non-Charles River transport companies (e.g., airlines).