Importing JAX® Mice Strains

Charles River offers importation of JAX® Mice for a variety of research applications and therapeutic areas of interest. You can search for JAX® Mice by strain, stock number, keyword, gene, allele, or synonym on The Jackson Laboratory website.

We are also pleased to assist customers with their search for a specific JAX® mouse strain. Once you select a strain of interest, we can furnish you with an import price quotation, including details of availability. Charles River will take charge of all importation steps. Please contact us to request a JAX® Mice order form.

Importing Specialised Strains through Charles River Europe

mouseOur eGuide includes information on the importation process, tips on finding appropriate JAX® Mice, availability and expected lead times, and options such as ordering cryopreserved repository strains as embryos to save time. Download eGuide

Since 2018, we have offered importation of several additional lines of JAX® Mice for humanisation, immuno-oncology, immunology, and infectious disease studies.

From 2019, Charles River is authorised to provide concierge services to assist distribution of MMRRC mouse strains housed at the Jackson Laboratory to academic and non-profit organizations in Europe, Taiwan, and Korea. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding this authorisation.

View further information on the MMRRC (Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center).

Note: Charles River will not be responsible for any damages arising during the importation process whilst the mice are in the care of non-Charles River transport companies (e.g., airlines).