Small Molecule

With the discovery of more than 75 development candidates, our streamlined integrated drug discovery process of identifying small molecules that possess suitable characteristics for development has proven to be extremely successful for our partners.


The process from initial target identification and validation – through assay development, high throughput screening, hit identification, and lead optimization – to preclinical candidate selection cannot be considered a routine activity. Significant intellectual and innovative input is required from experienced scientists across a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to discover a quality drug candidate. Our client-focused, collaborative approach creates true partnerships that anticipate challenges, overcome obstacles, and move us forward together on the journey of getting new drugs to market.

Discovering novel, validated drug targets is our goal. With an array of platforms and expertise across a range of therapeutic areas, we have successfully delivered numerous novel targets for our partners.

With a range of orthogonal approaches, we can deliver high-quality, validated hit compounds for your drug discovery project. Using state-of-the art platforms and resources, our scientists will work with you to determine the best strategy for successful progression for your hit finding and hit-to-lead studies.

Considering the challenges of identifying and optimizing novel compounds and the need to secure IP, you need a partner with expertise across a multitude of chemistry fields and a track record of innovation. Cited as inventors of more than 290 patents filed by our sponsors, our skilled chemists possess a wealth of experience in formulation development and multidisciplinary chemistry.

The quality, accuracy, and sensitivity of each biomarker is critical in making go/no-go decisions at all stages of drug discovery and development. You can trust our experts in biomarker identification and assay validation to provide you with the information you need to move forward with your research.

Choosing the right CRO can help you accelerate the discovery of new therapeutic compounds and significantly reduce time to market. As your partner in drug development, we apply our knowledge gained from years of IND research, a unique range of services, and innovative technologies to help you successfully initiate and complete your IND-enabling program.