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Scientific Posters

We are committed to actively contributing to advancements in neuroscience research and collaborating with our clients to accelerate drug discovery. Stop by booth #2519 to pick up a list and copies of this year’s 26 scientific posters, presented independently and in collaboration with our clients. Topics include studies on Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and rare diseases like multiple sclerosis, ALS, Batten disease, and Huntington’s disease. Several posters highlight cutting-edge capabilities in imaging (including functional ultrasound) and behavioral testing.

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Visit booth #2519 to support research for a rare neurological research in 3 simple steps. Learn how.

Need help with a specific method or just want to learn about a technique? Check out the schedule for our Five-Minute Solutions on a diverse range of topics including PET imaging, stereology techniques, CRISPR mouse models, and mass spectrometry. Charles River experts will be discussing the benefits and features of individual methods.

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Our scientists and specialists are ready to listen. They hail from multiple sites and have a wide range of expertise in early discovery, cell-based assays, in vivo pharmacology, neuropathology, and research models & services. To schedule a specific time to meet, just let us know when you are available and the topics you’d like to discuss; we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting with the appropriate expert.

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