Charles River Research Models & Services: Newcastle University

Charles River has provided research models and associated services to Newcastle University  biomedical science research for more than 30 years. Our goal is to provide the utmost in terms of service and quality in everything we do, so that the research teams at Newcastle can be empowered to focus on what matters most – furthering the understanding of biomedical science for the development of modern medicines.

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We have gathered information about all of the relevant Charles River research models and associated services available to Newcastle University, along with pricing, special offers, resources, and contact details.

Charles River Offers Contract Breeding of Genetically Engineered Mice and Rats

isolator cages

Charles River provides a full-service rodent colony management program to deliver transgenic animals to you when you need them, in the exact quantities you specify, and with the health status that you require.

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Model Evaluation Programme

lab technician working with isolator cagesDo you wish to trial a model to test suitability before making a purchase? Explore our free animal model evaluation program.

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If you need a highly immunodeficient mouse model...

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Our NSG® and NRG mouse models are the most highly immunodeficient mice and the models of choice for cancer xenograft modelling, stem cell biology, humanised mice, and infectious disease research.

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Metabolic Disease

metabolic disease

Charles River maintains a comprehensive portfolio of animal models specific for studying metabolic, renal, and cardiovascular disease. Further, through our preconditioning services, we can offer an array of metabolic surgical procedures and custom diets so that you receive your animal study ready.




ALZET® Osmotic Pumps offer specific advantages over repeated animal dosing by injection or oral gavage. For CNS research, ALZET® pump technology and its applications provide an effective method to overcome the blood-brain barrier and deliver therapeutic agents directly to the central nervous system.

Can't find the appropriate research model for your studies? Let us help you create one with our model creation services.

Looking for something specific? Email [email protected] for assistance.


Regulatory Training and Continuing Professional Development

Charles River Insourcing Solutions provides high-quality training and continuing professional development for veterinarians, scientists, lab technicians, and anyone else working in the field of animal research.

Courses for rodents, zebrafish, and other species include personal licence holder categories PIL A, B & C, and PPL Module for project licence applicants. CPD courses include NACWO, NTCO, law refresher course and more. Classroom and eLearning options are both available.

See our upcoming courses at a location near you. Or ask us about delivering a course at your facility.

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Charles River currently has two laboratory animal guidebooks available in digital format. These guidebooks are free to download and may be used by laboratory professionals to learn about best practices in infection surveillance of rodents and colony management of mice and rats.

Modern Strategies for Infection Surveillance

Mouse and Rat Colony Management 


Immunodeficient Mouse Models from Charles River Europe
Metabolic, Renal, and Cardiovascular Disease Animal Models from Charles River Europe
JAX™ Mice Coat Color Guide
JAX™ Mice Pup Appearance by Age
Divergence of C57BL/6 Laboratory Mouse Substrains
Common Rodent Health Conditions

Seminar Topics

Our Research Model Specialist team can provide educational seminars at no cost on a variety of topics including:
Genetic Drift – What It Is and How to Minimise Its Impact on Your Research
Key Differences among B6 Substrains and the Research Impact
The Basics of Mouse Nomenclature
Comparing Immunodeficient Mice for Cancer Research
Essential Tips for New Mouse Researchers
For further information and/or to book a seminar, contact [email protected].




Arrive Guidelines

ARRIVE guidelines (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) include clear guidance on research model nomenclature guidelines and other reporting criteria.


When can I expect delivery?

Delivery day for Newcastle is Monday.

How do I contact Charles River?

Please contact Charles River UK customer service directly:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44(0)1843 824345